Can I just say that I really like the little subtle Fox reference in the middle of the song? “Modern show with modern music, Smoke machine and laser light,” and then the little clip showing green smoke and lasers?

Are they POSSIBLY mocking their own song? Hmmm 

Sorry, but I still don't quite understand what you think they are parodying in Mr. Toot. Would you care to explain it further to me? Much appreciated!

Well, it’s just an opinion still until we hear their own interpretation, but I think they’re parodying artists who drastically change their styles and personas to suit what they believe to be popular taste when their original style was what made them well-known in the first place. 

minolyn replied to your post: Vegard blends right into the scenes wi…

Does he? Does he really?

Yes, really. It’s the most prominent in this gifset. I feel like it might’ve even been intentional? 

"and then I realised…that’s exactly what they’re parodying in the song" this is genius mona thank you

no problem, I was just pointing out that yeah, they are geniuses and that’s what we love them for :’) 

Vegard blends right into the scenes with local people.

That’s it. That’s the joke.

hello yes I woke up at 4.30am to watch this new music video

first reaction: Vegard what is that voice your accent it’s so jarring Vegard stop you’re not doing it right is this racist is this legal why are the lyrics so childfriendly…YLVIS NO YOU HAVE CHANGED YOUR STYLE

and then I realised…that’s exactly what they’re parodying in the song 

and that kinda made everything better